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Modus Operandi Of Kunafa Brominated With Hazelnuts

 It is one of the most popular Arabic sweets in the Levant in general, but today we will give you a delicious kunafa with hazelnuts, you will like it. These are the things.

Modus Operandi Of Kunafa Brominated With Hazelnuts

Ingredients for Konafa Mabroma and hazelnuts

1 box of kunafa paste.

1 cup whole hazelnuts.

1 cup diameter.

1 tablespoon of rose water.

1 tablespoon of sugar.

How to prepare Hazelnut Kunafa Mabroma

1- Take the dough out of the freezer half an hour before making it 

2-We put real hazelnuts in a bowl, add sugar and rose water to it, and mix the ingredients well, so the filling is ready.

3- We put kunafa flour in a rectangular shape, and we try to carefully spread its hair.

4- We add the filling and put it directly in the kunafa, we start to turn from one side, and we try to pack well until we reach the other side. 5- We put it in aluminium foil and wrap it quickly so that it doesn't smell. leave it for a few minutes.

6- Prepare oil. In a deep pan, add oil liberally and leave it on the flame until the oil is hot.

7- We remove the rolled kunafa from the tin, if it is long, we divide it into two or three parts, depending on the pan, put it in oil and make it soft until it will -yellow, that is; a little before it reaches a golden colour, then we take it out and put it on a sheet of foil.

8- Add the syrup to the broth, cut it in half on a plate, and it is ready to be fed.


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