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How To Make Zebra Striped Cake

Pulled Zebra Cake is a unique cake recipe that is easily prepared with a combination of white cake and cocoa cake. It is served with coffee or tea every time, very tasty and delicious. Preparation time: 14 minutes 


Meal time: 40 minutes 


Total time: 54 minutes 

Striped zebra cake

Efrata Striped zebra cake

3 cups sifted white flour 

4 eggs 

2 cups: cold fresh milk - sugar 

½ cup butter 

¼ cup vegetable oil 

1 tablespoon: corn starch - raw cocoa 

½ tablespoon of white wine 

1 teaspoon powder 

½ teaspoon of vanilla 

pinch of salt 

How to prepare Striped zebra cake

Put the sugar, eggs and vanilla in an electric mixer and mix well, then add the milk, oil, fat, white wine, powder and a little salt and mix well until the mixture is smooth and add the flour to it. pour the liquid mixture well and divide them into two parts, add starch to the first part and cocoa to the second part and mix each well until we get a cake dough, then paint the tray with butter and butter . clean it with flour, we take a spoonful of white cake mixture and put it in the middle of the tray, we put another spoonful of brown flour in the middle, then we put a spoonful of white cake, the process. It is repeated until the total amount is finished. plate. . 


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