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5 of my best tips for hair coloring

 If you’re looking to take your hair colouring game up a notch, then look no further. Here are some of my best tips for achieving salon-quality results when it comes to colouring your hair at home: 

5 of my best tips for hair coloring

1. Start with the right supplies 

– Investing in quality products is key when it comes to getting great results from any DIY beauty project, and this especially applies when it comes to hair colour. Make sure you have all the necessary tools such as gloves, a tint brush and a bowl set, along with professional-grade colour and developer that can be found at most beauty supply stores or online retailers like Amazon. 

2. Protect your skin 

– Before applying any dye or bleach make sure that you apply petroleum jelly around the edges of your face and ears so as not to protect them from accidental staining during the application process! 

3 Read instructions carefully

– When using boxed dyes always read through the instructions before diving into anything so that there are no surprises later on down the line! It's also important to remember if doing an ombre effect or highlights use two different shades for each portion - one lighter than what was previously used on top & one darker shade underneath - & never mix more than 2 colours together in order to create something new/unique!  

4 Test out small sections first 

– If this is going to be an experiment try testing out small sections first before committing fully by applying dye over the entire head just in case the desired result isn't achieved immediately after rinsing off the product completely (this could save time + money). Also, note how long each section needs to stay under heat cap/dryer depending upon the type being used (i..e foil vs balayage etc) because leaving too much time may cause undesired effects like brassiness which would require additional steps afterwards such as toners/glazes etc...   

5 Don’t forget about upkeep

– Once finished make sure regular maintenance appointments are made every 4-6 weeks depending upon lifestyle habits; i..e swimming frequently will require more frequent touch-ups due to fading caused by chlorine exposure while those who don't swim often may go longer periods between visits. This helps ensure the longevity + vibrancy of newly applied hue(s)!


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