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The Right Way To Wash Your Hair According To A Professional Hairstylist

 Having healthy, beautiful hair starts with proper washing and care. But what is the right way to wash your hair? To answer this question, we consulted a professional hairstylist to get expert advice on how best to maintain clean and healthy locks. 

The Right Way To Wash Your Hair According To A Professional Hairstylist

The first step in any good haircare routine should be pre-wash preparation. Before you jump into the shower, brush your hair thoroughly from root to tip using a wide tooth comb or paddle brush; this will help detangle knots and remove excess dirt or product buildup that can clog up pores when wet. Additionally, it’s important not only for scalp health but also for avoiding breakage that you start brushing at the ends of your strands before working through towards the roots as opposed to starting at scalp level and then moving outwards – gentle strokes are key

Once you’re ready for shampooing time has come! Start by applying shampoo directly onto dampened roots rather than saturating all over; this helps keep moisture locked in while cleansing away impurities without drying out lengths unnecessarily (which happens easily with overly aggressive lathering).


When massaging into the scalp use light circular motions so as not to irritate the skin too much – don't scrub too hard here either! After rinsing off suds move on the conditioner application which should focus mainly on midshaft down through ends since these areas tend to require more hydration due to being exposed most often to environmental elements like sun exposure wind etcetera.

 Use fingers instead of comb/brush and distribute evenly throughout the length avoid tugging pulling strands apart (as much as possible) when doing so - again gently does it!   Lastly, rinse off completely cool water and make sure no residue is left behind - warm temperatures open cuticles allowing soap particles to slip back inside causing build-up & potential damage. 

Following these simple steps will help ensure cleanliness while keeping natural oils intact leaving one's mane feeling soft and manageable and looking its best every day :)


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