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DIY Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

 If you’re looking for a natural and cost-effective way to repair damaged hair, then DIY hair masks are the perfect solution. Hair masks can help restore moisture, shine and volume to dull or brittle strands. Plus, they’re easy to make with ingredients found in your kitchen! 

DIY Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

One of the best DIY hair masks for damaged hair is an avocado mask. Avocados are packed full of vitamins A, D and E as well as fatty acids that nourish dry or overprocessed locks. To make this mask at home just mash one ripe avocado until it forms a creamy paste then apply it liberally from root to tip before covering your head with a shower cap or plastic wrap for 15 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly afterwards using warm water only – no shampoo required! 

Another great option is olive oil which helps lock in moisture while also strengthening weak strands against further damage caused by styling tools such as blow dryers and curling irons. Simply massage 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil into the dampened scalp before combing through all sections of your mane from roots down towards tips; let sit on your tresses anywhere between 20 minutes up to overnight depending on how much time you have available before rinsing out completely with lukewarm water followed by shampoo if desired (though not necessary). 

 Finally honey is another excellent ingredient when making homemade haircare treatments due to its humectant properties which draw hydration into each strand while simultaneously sealing them back in place so they don't become dehydrated again too soon after treatment ends - mix 1 tablespoon of raw honey together with 2 tablespoons coconut milk until combined evenly throughout mixture then apply onto clean wetted mane starting at scalp working downwards towards ends; cover head once more using either shower cap/plastic wrap/towel (whichever available) leaving on 15-20 mins prior rinsing out entirely under running tapwater + following up w/shampoo if needed afterwards but otherwise enjoy newfound softness & shine restored back into formerly tired tresses!


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