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Foods to avoid before flying

 The altitude and atmosphere on board an aeroplane can affect your body in all kinds of ways, so there are certain foods that you shouldn't eat before you fly. You can play a big part in how you feel after a flight and even during the flight if you take a long-haul plane, depending on how you choose to consume onboard. Your snacks, drinks and meals should be well considered when planning a trip than anything else.

 Foods to avoid before flying

First of all, I suggest you discover the foods that you should not eat before taking the plane.

Avoid fast food

Before you fly, think carefully about what foods you shouldn't eat before you fly. Having a meal in a fast-food restaurant is tempting when you are at the airport because it is everywhere. However, you have to trust me when I tell you that your body is not going to be happy when it tries to break down those fats at a high altitude. Fast food before a flight is ideal if you want to get heartburn and an upset stomach. I'm sure you'd rather be watching the movies in-flight leisurely than sitting in the toilet of an aeroplane!

Avoid eating garlic

Everyone knows garlic gives you bad breath, do you really want that on a long flight? I'm sure the people next to you would appreciate it if you didn't eat garlic before the trip. Garlic also changes your body odour, which is all you need ... The compounds in garlic are absorbed into the blood and lungs, even if you brush your teeth or chew gum, it doesn't. will not change the smell. Be nice to your seat neighbours and put garlic on the list of foods you shouldn't eat before you fly.

Avoid candy and sugarless chewing gum

If you have diabetes or are on a diet, sugar-free sweets are a godsend. However, this type of sweetness contains sweeteners and our bodies are not designed to digest these artificial sugars. The problem with artificial sugars is that they can cause gas, bloating, and even laxative effects, making them definitely one of the foods to avoid before flying. None of these effects is very pleasant in a confined space! When you buy sugar-free candy make sure you read the label and check for side effects.

Avoid flageolet beans

Flageolets should be avoided before a flight. We all know what happens when you eat too many beans and gas. Holding your gas might be what your back seat neighbours prefer, but there's no doubt it will lead to a serious stomach ache and could even prove to be dangerous. Flageolets will also give you a dreaded "jet-bloat" and leave you feeling very uncomfortable.

Avoid alcoholic drinks

Who doesn't like to get in the vacation mood with a pint or a whiskey at the airport? I hate to be a killjoy, but drinking alcohol makes you dehydrated. You should be very careful about dehydration during a flight due to the fact that the air in planes has not humidified. If you drink during the flight, then you will probably find that not only does alcohol affect you more than on land, but you will also feel grumpy and tired when you disembark. Also, consider drinking water.

Avoid carbonated drinks

Soft drinks like sodas will fill you up to the max. The bubbles you drink will go into your stomach and then expand with the changes in air pressure.

Avoid vegetables

Broccoli and cabbage are foods to avoid before flying. The problem with cruciferous vegetables before an aeroplane trip is again because of the atmosphere of the aeroplane. Changes in cabin air pressure can lead to gas in your expanding stomach. This will lead to a very uncomfortable feeling.


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