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Grow your hair with Forcapil Hair and Nails: my opinion

 Your hair is no longer growing and struggling to regain vitality despite all the care you give it?

Grow your hair with Forcapil Hair and Nails: my opinion

In addition to taking care of your hair on the outside, it is important to provide it with all the necessary nutrients.

That is why I would like to talk to you about  Forcapil food supplements. Their innovative formula has an anti-hair loss action and helps you regain beautiful hair.

The food supplement for the hair Forcapil

Focal is therefore a food supplement from Arkopharma laboratories. This group is mainly specialized in food supplements but is also interested in herbal medicine and aromatherapy to take care of our health.

So what is Forcapil? It is about a cure of supplements to the fortifying formula thanks to the association of several assets. These will act on both the hair and the nails, which are based on keratin.

Thanks to this regular supply of vitamins, we will gradually find beautiful nails and healthy hair, which will be shinier and stronger.

Keratin: definition

Hair and nails are therefore made up of the same element: keratin. It is this protein that gives them shine, strength and elasticity.

In the body, it is synthesized from sulfur amino acids (cysteine and methionine), thanks to the action of zinc and B vitamins.

It is therefore to fill vitamin deficiencies that Forcapil capsules have been developed. They help support the body as part of a varied and balanced diet.

Grow your hair with Forcapil Hair and Nails: my opinion

Composition of the capsules

The formula rich in trace elements of Forcapil helps support hair growth and prevent brittle nails.

The capsules, therefore, contain the sulfur amino acids mentioned above, as well as vitamins and minerals selected for their beneficial effects on the health of the hair and the hair follicle.

Among the components we find:

  1. The vitamin B6 helps to have a normal protein metabolism and contributes to the synthesis of cysteine
  2. Vitamin B8 also called biotin, which helps the hair to remain flexible, strong and shiny and have a healthy hair fibre
  3. The vitamin B9  helps in the synthesis of amino acids
  4. And finally, zinc, which contributes to the synthesis of proteins such as keratin
There are also vitamins B5, D3.

How to take Forcapil

For the action of the capsules to be as effective as possible, Forcapil must be taken regularly and diligently.

It is therefore advisable to take two capsules in the morning with a large glass of water, during breakfast, for at least three months.

It is possible to do several cures per year, for example in spring and then in autumn.

WE love :

  • Its effectiveness if the intake is assiduous
  • Hair growth is accelerated
  • Limits hair loss

We like less:

  • His price
  • The gelatin capsule is not suitable for vegans.
  • The smell can be unpleasant for the most sensitive noses

At the level of competing products, we can note the product Oenobiol Health and Growth, or Luxeol Hair: Growth, Growth and Fortification. There are also many supplements today in the form of “gummies”, these very playful little chewing gums.

Consumer reviews

With this product getting more and more popular - indeed stress and the current lifestyle don't help with progressive hair loss - I've found plenty of reviews online.

Here is a summary, but of course feel free to consult the consumer sites for yourself.

Regarding the result on the resistance of the hair and its regrowth, consumers mention that it is necessary to wait at least two months for it to be visible.

This cure makes the hair strong and improves its elasticity and vitality for most of the women who responded. The effects on the nails are more moderate and generally less noticeable.

Finally, consumers advise waiting for promotions to buy this product.

Good to know: It is important to remember that depending on the nature of your hair, your diet, your lifestyle, and the hair care done, the results can be totally different. There are no miracle solutions, and having a healthy lifestyle is therefore essential.

The reasons for hair loss

It is completely normal to lose hair every day: it is their natural cycle. On the other hand, abnormal hair loss can be caused by various factors.

Among the main factors are heredity, the change of seasons, stress, disease, or hormonal imbalance.

This is also why the effectiveness of Forcapil will be different depending on your problem.

The final word

If despite a good and varied diet and the use of adapted hair care, you see that your hair is losing vitality, I advise you to take a course of food supplements, for example, Forcapil.

The ideal seasons are the beginning of fall and spring. Thus, you will limit the hair loss which often occurs in these seasons when the hair fibre is exposed to external aggressions, such as cold or humidity, temperature changes, and the shower water that we tend to make it flow hotter!

In summary, Forcapil is a very good cure for hair, but it should be used in addition to an adapted beauty routine and a healthy lifestyle. This is obviously not a miracle product.

Have you already tried Forcapil's three-month cure? What did you think of it?


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