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How to help a child focus


 Getting rid of distractions

Children should be kept away from distractions when they are required to do anything that requires concentration; As a homework solution, for example, this can be implemented by turning off the TV, computer, mobile phone, or any other device. about her.

How to help a child focus

Use of signals

Talking with the child while he is doing something should be avoided, as speech can completely distract him, and the correct thing is to agree with him on some basic signs that give each of them a certain thing, for example, when the mother refers to his work, this means that he must return to what he was doing, or when she raises her hand, he must stop what he is doing, and it is indicated that placing a hand on the shoulder of children can restore focus to some of them.

Focus on one task

Although the ability of an adult to perform several tasks at the same time is praised, research indicates that multitasking limits focus and reduces productivity as well. Therefore, one action should be done at a time. For example, it is enough to sing the alphabet song in conjunction with looking at the letters for very young children, and for older children, they can be trained to solve long division and treat problems related to it without trying to look at other problems.

Take breaks

  • The child needs to get up, move around, do something different, and do easy, non-stressful activities after spending some time concentrating; To give him some time to rest and eat, especially while he is doing homework, as young children can take a break; For a snack, or to play, while teens can chat and socialize with their friends while they are resting.
  • The duration of rest and work depends on the age of the child. For example, a five-year-old child will start to wander after five minutes of work; Therefore, it is recommended to divide the tasks into five-minute parts, and a ten-year-old child will be able to focus for ten minutes continuously. 

Playing action games and music

Research conducted by Megan McClelland, associate professor at Oregon State University, indicated that playing action games and music helps preschool children develop attention and concentration skills. She recommends playing different games; Such as red light and green light, being fun games, in addition to enhancing attention skills, and building games or solving puzzles, such as Lego games.


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