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Our opinion on Olaplex: all you need to know about this trendy hair brand

 Lately, we hear a lot about the Olaplex brand. Created only a few years ago, it is the delight of hairdressing salons but also of individuals.

Our opinion on Olaplex: all you need to know about this trendy hair brand

The brand became known above all thanks to hair products with patented technology and surprisingly effective.

In writing, Olaplex products caught our attention, which is why I prepared this article dedicated to the brand.

Olaplex: the brand

Olaplex was created in 2014 by two PhDs in chemistry and has been marketed since 2015. It is therefore a fairly recent Californian brand, but about which we hear a lot!

Indeed, the brand made its first global buzz when Kim Kardashian went from a dark brown to a platinum blonde with the brand!

It's a bit the credo of the brand: to allow women - and men! - to dare any hair change without being afraid of losing your hair in the operation! It must be said that certain chemical treatments which open the scales of the hair certainly allow their colour or their nature to be changed, but rarely without damage.

What are the particularities of the treatment?

Olaplex has developed hair care and a  whole range of products with patented and unique technology. This makes their products effective on all hair types and colours.

Reminder on the constitution of a hair

To fully understand how this “miracle product” works, here is a very brief reminder of the constitution of the hair fibre.

Hair is therefore mainly made up of keratin, a protein made up of a chain of amino acids.

These amino acids can be linked through several types of bonds: peptide bonds, hydrogen bonds, and disulfide bonds. The shape of the hair comes from the amount and location of these disulfide bridges.

Finally, it is the amount of melanin that determines the colour of the hair.

How chemical treatments work

Here again, I will explain very briefly how a chemical treatment works on the hair.

The perm, which breaks the curls, consists in breaking the disulfide bridges so that they are recomposed in another form.

When bleaching, the melanin present in the hair is broken, damaging the keratin and the disulfide bridges in the process.

Finally, disulphide bridges can also be damaged by using an unsuitable shampoo, heating accessories - straighteners, hair dryers - or even by brushing. This makes it easy to end up with damaged hair.

Olaplex's patented technology

The flagship ingredient of Olaplex products reconnects the famous disulfide bridges between them.

The Olaplex skincare brand has even filed for international patents for this molecule: Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate.

The brand's flagship products

  • Here are now the different products offered by Olaplex. The ideal is to use the whole range for an optimal result.
  • Moreover, each product contains a number, which indicates in which order to use them if you want to carry out an entire treatment protocol, in the context of discolouration for example.

Intensive Bond Building hair repair treatment

  1. Apply this treatment to dry hair, from roots to ends. Leave it to act for 10 minutes then distribute the product well with a comb.
  2. It is used in addition to the Hair Perfector product, which must then be applied over and left to act for 10 minutes as well. Finally, rinse and then wash your hair.
  3. This two-step solution is the most effective for visibly repairing your hair.

Bond Maintenance shampoo

This Olaplex shampoo is sulfate-free and vegan. It therefore gently cleanses the hair and helps repair split ends.

It is very pleasant to use foams even in the absence of sulfates. Despite the presence of the flagship ingredient of the brand, it alone does not repair the hair fibre: in fact, the exposure time of shampoo is indeed not sufficient to achieve such a result.

It is suitable for all hair types.

Bond Maintenance Conditioner

  • This conditioner is applied after shampooing, and it hydrates dry hair while repairing it.
  • It helps restore disulfide bridges but does not weigh down the hair. It makes the hair stronger and shinier and helps prevent frizz.
  • Regular use helps protect hair that has been weakened by chemical treatments from external aggressions.

The Bond Intense Hydrating Mask

This hair mask is highly concentrated to repair and protect damaged hair.

It, therefore, restores the body to the hair fibre and repairs the bonds. It, therefore, helps to keep hair healthy, even if you have long hair! Indeed, the latter have often received more chemical treatments than the hair at the root.

It must be left on for at least 10 minutes for it to be effective and for the active ingredient to have time to act correctly.

Bonding Oil Repairing Oil

  • This styling and repairing oil is ultra-concentrated and at the same time ultra light! It provides thermal protection to the hair and helps eliminate frizz.
  • In addition, it also moisturizes and repairs the hair fibre, while providing shine. This oil is suitable for curly hair as well as for straight hair!

Bond Smoother styling cream

  1. This styling cream is applied to the lengths and points, on dry or damp hair, and does not require rinsing.
  2. It is even suitable for bleached and fragile hair because it also hydrates and repairs the hair.
  3. This cream is ideal for fighting frizz.

The final word

  1. With its patented technology, the Olaplex brand explains in all transparency how it repairs the hair fibre.
  2. It allows to restructure discoloured hair which has lost all vitality, and which conventional masks cannot rehydrate.
  3. If your hair has undergone many chemical treatments, the products of this brand may allow them to sublimate again!

Do you know this brand?


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