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Frizzy hair: how to promote their growth?

 As you probably know, we are not equal when it comes to hair growth.

Indeed, the growth cycle is not the same depending on the type of hair and the hair routine adopted

Frizzy hair: how to promote their growth?

Of course, afro hair is some of the most difficult, prone to breakage and slow regrowth.

That said, with effective hair hydration and good specific care habits, you'll notice rapid growth and healthy-looking curly hair!

o, in this article, you will learn all about frizzy hair and how to promote its growth.

Frizzy hair, what is it?

Be aware that natural frizzy hair, also called "4a" and "4b" according to André Walker's classification ( 1 ), is known to be dry, fragile hair and it is very difficult to maintain.

Indeed, it is the fault of their hair follicles, naturally formed to adapt to a hot and humid climate.

Thus, they are composed:

  • a flattened section (which is found round on straight hair);
  • scales that spread apart at the level of the spirals to protect them on the outside;
  • of a rare and hardly fluid sebum.

Yes, unfortunately, this type of hair is often dull and porous, because the natural hydration cannot reach the ends, because of this spiral formation.

This is why you struggle to have good hair growth, since every time you try to grow it, there is often breakage with every combing.

That said, nothing is set in stone and with regular care, it is possible to achieve beautiful hair regrowth.

However, do not be too demanding, because I remind you that frizzy hair grows much slower than smooth hair:

  • 0.9 cm/year for frizzy hair;
  • 1.3 cm/year for Asian hair;
  • 1.2 cm/year for European hair.

Frizzy hair: how to promote their growth?

Do you want to stop hair breakage and regain a strong and healthy mane? Know that you will need rigour and good hair care.

For this, I share with you all the tips for healthy frizzy hair.

Follow the leader!

Optimal hydration

I explained to you in this article, the Achilles heel of frizzy hair is the lack of hydration.

Indeed, because of their curved shape, the sebum cannot reach your tips, which leads to:

  • severe drought;
  • long hair loss.

This is why water will become a precious ally for the maintenance of your hair.

Also, although it's hard to believe, afro hair is very thin, making it particularly fragile.

So, do not hesitate to apply moisturizers based on aloe vera gel or mineral water every day, from the root to your tips.

This preserves the natural beauty of the hair.

vegetable oils

It's a good thing to give your mane something to drink, but then you have to maintain that hydration throughout the day.

Since the spiral nature of your hair does not help, you can use natural ingredients: vegetable oils.

They help keep your hair well hydrated and healthy-looking.

So, for frizzy hair, you can opt for one:

  • Castor oil ;
  • nut oil ;
  • avocado oil ;
  • grapeseed oil;
  • coconut oil.

Moreover, twice a week, I recommend that you do an oil bath, which will give your hair a real boost.

Be careful, I do not recommend applying castor oil to your lengths, you risk making them sticky and dull.

On the other hand, it is an oil adapted to the scalp which will be a very good ally to accelerate growth and strengthen your hair!

hair nutrition

Moisturizing your frizzy hair is essential, but don't forget to nourish it either.

To do this, use a:

  • appropriate shampoo and conditioner;
  • nourishing hair mask;
  • quality shea butter.

Thus, thanks to these nutritious active ingredients will repair and nourish your hair fibre, without weighing down your mane: your hair grows stronger and shinier.

A healthy diet

Healthy hair requires a balanced diet to provide the vitamins and nutrients necessary for good hair growth.

Most of the time, it is the lack of iron that fails your hair, causing hair loss.

So, I advise you to adopt a healthy diet, as much for your hair as for you!

And to promote growth, I recommend:

  • eggs ;
  • oily fish;
  • nuts ;
  • soybeans.

A cure

You can also combine a balanced diet with a course of food supplements.

Indeed, for several weeks, you can opt for these small capsules which contain vitamins and minerals to promote the growth of your hair and make it stronger!

Logically, you will notice results quite quickly.

DIY homemade recipes

You know my love for natural and homemade ingredients.

To promote the growth of your frizzy hair, I offer you 3 DIY recipes, very easy to reproduce at home.

Avocado and banana

It's a classic mask recipe, but very effective because the avocado and the banana will bring optimal nutrition to your hair.

For this, mash an avocado with a banana in a bowl with a fork until you get a smooth paste.

Then, apply to your wet hair, from root to tip and leave on for about ten minutes.

Finally, rinse generously with lukewarm water and proceed with your usual washing.

Honey and egg yolk

Another classic recipe that has been proven to bring nutrition and flexibility to your afro hair, is made with honey and egg yolk.

For this, nothing could be simpler, you just need to mix an egg with 2 tablespoons of honey until you obtain a homogeneous consistency.

Then apply the mixture to your hair and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Finally, continue your routine with your usual cleaning products.

I allow myself to give you a little tip to bring more shine to your hair: do not hesitate to add half a lemon in the preparation!

Castor oil and aloe vera

To promote the growth of your frizzy hair while providing softness, castor oil and aloe vera gel will work wonders!

I remind you that castor oil is not suitable for lengths, so I advise you to apply the equivalent of a tablespoon of castor oil directly to your wet scalp, then massage circular way for 5 minutes.

Then, apply 2 spoonfuls of aloe vera gel from the roots to the lengths (start with the lengths to avoid spreading castor oil everywhere).

Then, leave on for ten minutes before rinsing generously with lukewarm water.

Finally, wash your hair as usual!

The final word

Now that you know more about frizzy hair and how to promote its growth, I hope you have the tips you need to boost the beauty of your mane!

Of course, you won't get results the next day, so you have to think about preserving your hair.

To do this, you must put aside the heating devices, which will damage your fragile hair and opt for protective hairstyles.

Indeed, as often as possible, do not hesitate to make them avoid breakage.

For this, I invite you to watch video tutorials, which offer you many ideas, step by step ( 2 ).


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