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child rearing concept


child rearing concept

Child upbringing can be defined as the process of raising and educating him from birth to adulthood and providing him with his basic needs, which include physical growth, mental and intellectual development, and providing safety and protection because it is one of the basic duties of the parents or guardians responsible for the child or even the role of the child. orphans.

Parents use the method of reward and punishment to raise the child, and physical punishment is an ineffective method in correcting behaviour.

Baby raising methods

Give time and attention

Investing time to take care of the child is the biggest investment that benefits the children and parents themselves, as you should spend time with them to get the affection they need and that helps to relieve their anger and breaks while avoiding the use of cell phones and video games at that time.

Provide healthy food and adequate sleep

Mothers should cook healthy meals at home and learn to read food labels on food products, while avoiding prepared foods, soft drinks, unnatural juices, and fast food, and getting adequate sleep for at least 10 hours every night, which protects children from infection. Obesity, depression and negative impact on brain development.

building relationships

The child should be encouraged to engage in actions and activities that help build relationships with people and harmony with them, making the child happy, good-tempered and self-confident.

Important tips for raising children

Many tips must be followed to succeed in raising children, including the following:

  • Helping the child to solve the problems he faces on his own.
  • Maintaining a sense of happiness because it positively affects the children.
  • Be sure to guide the child by giving him advice and informing him of his closeness and the strength of the relationship.


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