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What hairstyles to absolutely avoid over 50?


 Banana bun, straight and short bangs, perfect curls ... Certain cuts or hairstyles can quickly make us look older. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of beauty treatments to avoid.

The hair plays a vital role when changing hair and facial features are changing. While certain hair details allow us to highlight our strengths and enhance our look, others, on the other hand, should be avoided if we do not want to take ten years.

The dancer bun

  • Also called the opera bun or doughnut, it has the distinction of being dressed to the nines. No wick sticks out.
  •  Elegant and graceful on a fresh and delicate face, the ballerina bun can however bring out all the facial features and therefore the imperfections. Hair pulled back tends to harden the features while after 50 years, we tend to look softer.

The banana bun

  1. Long in vogue, this hairstyle unfortunately does not suit everyone. Impeccable on some people, it can on the contrary lead to many faces.
  2.  "We must pay attention to its strict and austere side which lacks modernity," said Mahdi Ben Hadid, international trainer for the Lazartigue brand.

The fringe too frank

The fringes are perfect to compliment a hairstyle, camouflage flaws, highlight a look or soften a face ... except when cut too straight. The clean and graphic lines undeniably harden the features. It is, therefore, better to favour the curtain version or the delicately tapered one.

Symmetrical hairstyles

The perfect example? The classic, smooth and straight bob where the strands on the left side are exactly the same as on the right side. Lacking in fantasy puts the more mature faces at a disadvantage. After 50 years, it is better to bet on softer mid-length or unstructured cuts with movement.

Excess curling iron

This does not apply to naturally curly or frizzy hair. However, the big curls made with the curling iron give an air too styled and therefore superficial and dated. " The trick is to avoid curling the point so that it feels more natural," advises Mahdi Ben Hadid, trainer for the Lazartigue * brand. The idea is to bring a movement that refreshes the facial features, but especially not to display a perfect styling.

(Very) long hair

  • When the lengths go beyond the bust, they lose volume. The top of the head then appears fairly flat and the points are often very thin. Better to cut a little (at the level of the shoulders) to give them some pep. 
  • It also allows the root to loosen a little to rebalance the volume upwards and lift the face.


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