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What causes a piece of meat to appear in the gums of children?

The reason for the appearance of excess meat in the gums in children

What causes a piece of meat to appear in the gums of children?

A parent may encounter and be surprised by the presence of polyps in the child’s gums, he may be surprised by the presence of bumps on the end of the child’s teeth, whether permanent or newly erupted teeth, these bumps are known as mamelons, and although they may differ from one child to another, most of the time they are not Visible for a long time, these hard bumps are often present and appear on the upper and lower teeth in the child's mouth, and this is why:

  • The emergence of new teeth for the child The emergence of the new teeth of the child is the reason for the emergence of a piece of meat in the gums.
  • Child malnutrition.
  • Not taking care of hygiene.

Melons appear on newly growing teeth, which are the four front teeth towards the front of the mouth from above and below. The incisors have a flat surface and are used to nibble and tear small pieces. These teeth are the most visible, and this is the reason why the Mellons are easy to see in them.

It is necessary to pay attention to the presence of bumps, grooves or protrusions on the incisive teeth of the child, which may have a relationship because of how these teeth appear. These teeth do not start as solid units, but rather are formed and fused from three lobes of tissue, which turn into one tooth, and the mamelon is a guide on this process.  

The piece of meat in the gums of children, or the so-called adenoids, is one of the most common medical problems in children, and it is not considered normal or simple in some cases, but may unpleasantly affect the child.

The adenoids obstruct the emergence of the teeth in a natural way, which may affect some issues related to the child, such as the pronunciation of some letters.

The adenoids in the gums may also cause great difficulty when brushing a person’s teeth, and the piece of meat in the gums is a group of extra polyps and fibres, which are often found in the mouth in the upper area of ​​the mouth inside the gums, this adenoid excess in the gums causes The occurrence of space between the teeth, i.e.

The excess adenoids in the gums cause bacteria. These bacteria cause inflammation in the gum area, and this inflammation causes swelling, and then it may also occur in a pocket in the teeth or several pockets, and these pockets keep food residues inside, causing the accumulation of food residues, which causes The occurrence of bloating.

In the end, the formation of pockets between the teeth may constitute an opportunity for the growth of bacteria that cause bad odours, and all of the above, or part of it, maybe the cause of tooth decay.

Treatment for enlarged gums often depends on the underlying cause, in many cases, oral hygiene, gums, and teeth can cause symptoms to improve and treat this condition, and on the contrary, neglect causes the development of the condition, however, if there is an overgrowth of the gums caused by taking any medication Or the presence of a disease, here doctors recommend surgery to treat that problem.

The appearance of a nexus between the teeth in adults

The occurrence of polyps in the gums and teeth or weft between the teeth is one of the diseases that affect the gums, which may occur due to a variety of factors that appear, the most important of which is little attention and insufficient care for oral and dental hygiene, and this problem can be recognized more in adults where infections and neglect In oral hygiene and bacteria, all of this may cause the appearance of a nexus between the teeth.

Types of polyps in the gums and their types 

There is more than one reason for polyps that may occur in the gums, and most of them are due to various reasons, some of which are due to gum problems, some of them are for health reasons and others, and the following are the details of the types and reasons for all of this:

  1. The first type of gum disease, which is the receding of the gums, results from gingivitis and its receding. This receding in the gums is due to the constant presence of food residues accumulated in the free parts of the gums, and the swelling of the gums occurs as a natural product of bacteria, so the gums become infected and the surface of the teeth becomes exposed.
  2. As for the second type, the increase in the size of the gums, which may cause the presence of flesh between the teeth, may be considered a natural growth, the connective fibrous tissue that a person is born with, and then with time it begins to increase and from it affects the beauty of the appearance of the mouth and causes many symptoms. 
  3. There are many reasons for which polyps occur in the gum area, and these reasons are due to various factors that can be collected in the following points:

  • Medicines affecting the gums.
  • Anaemia and anaemia
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Chronic diseases, including diabetes
  • immune diseases
  • abscess in the gums
  • Swelling and inflammation in the gums
  • gingival drooping
  • Not taking care of the teeth and cleaning them daily.

From the foregoing, it becomes clear the extent of the impact of the foregoing causes or factors that in turn lead to the appearance of polyps in the mouth and gums, but at different and different degrees, so the visit every time to the dental specialist is always the most appropriate way to avoid the appearance of a polyp in the gums in children.

Reasons for the appearance of polyps at the end of the tongue

The bumps that appear on the tongue have many possible causes. The mere presence of a bump on the tongue is rarely enough information based on which the causes can be diagnosed. Some of the more well-known causes of tongue bumps include:

  • tongue injuries
  •  An injury to the tongue can make the person appear or feel difficulties in dealing with the mouth area, as is the case with any other area of the body, and the tongue may also swell in response to other injuries.

People who accidentally bite their tongue sometimes notice a swollen bump for a few days after the injury. Burns from hot liquids or foods are another common cause of tongue injuries.

Causes of gum growth inside the molar

A lump inside the molar or on the gum can be caused by several different conditions. It can be felt as a bump or a hard or soft lump anywhere on the gums.  

Infections, such as a bacterial infection or a local abscess,   can appear as a lump on the gums. Oral cancers (gum or oral cancer) or tumours of the teeth or jaw are rare causes of a lump on the molar or gum.

A jaw cyst is also a possible cause of a mass on the molar or gum. Traumatic injuries and mouth sores are the most common causes of gum mass on the molar, and there are other causes of a mass or gum mass on the molar:

  1.  The presence of an abscess
  2.  Having a bacterial infection
  3.  The presence of congenital gums or birth with this condition of the gums
  4.  Toothbrushes that are too hard or too hard on the gums
  5. gingival granulosa cell tumor
  6. Take some medicine
  7.  Corneal cyst, which is called odontogenic
  8. The presence of a dental tumour or a tumour in the tooth
  9.  Poorly or incorrectly fitted dentures
  10.  Poor oral hygiene or lack of oral hygiene
  11. Presence of pyogenic granuloma
  12.  Trauma to the mouth and/or gums.


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