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Dermaplaning: when the down must disappear

  Currently, a beauty routine is shaking the web: dermaplaning.

  • Indeed, it is a facial treatment that allows you to find smooth skin and lighten its fluff.
  • Yes, because dermaplaning is the equivalent of a facial razor, but with a surgical scalpel, which will take care of your facial hair.
  • This exfoliation technique would allow cell renewal, removing all dead skin optimally.
  • Do you want glowing skin that's as soft as a baby's? In this article, you will learn all about dermaplaning, when the fluff needs to disappear.

What is dermaplaning?

No, although the word sounds like a new trendy sport, dermaplaning is actually an aesthetic method that effectively gets rid of all the fuzz on your face.

Indeed, this exfoliating treatment, carried out using a surgical scalpel, eliminates the dead cells present on the epidermis at the same time as your hair.

Thus, the blade, by scraping on your face, helps you regain healthy and much more radiant skin, visible from the first dermaplaning session!

Yet even though this facial beauty treatment is still divisive, it's already been around longer than you might think.

A beauty routine that is not new

Yes, some professionals still take a dim view of this method, which they consider inefficient and a bit far-fetched.

However, dermaplaning is not new: in Japan, women have been practising it for decades. There, they call him "Kao Sori", which means "shaved face".

Moreover, it is so commonplace that it is offered in all beauty institutes, like any treatment.

Moreover, it is not only Japanese women who hold this beauty secret.

Note that Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were two dermaplaning enthusiasts: they shaved their face entirely, using a normal razor, going back and forth until they obtained a perfect skin texture.

I can already see you twitching on this whole story. Not easy to believe, when you have been told from an early age that you should definitely not shave your moustache!

And the myth collapses

I understand you, me too, I was told never to shave my down, to avoid seeing thicker and darker hairs growing back, like men.

Sorry to disappoint you, but we lied to you! In reality, the hairs do not grow back faster or thicker after being shaved.

The impression that they are thicker is simply because they are particularly short and have been cut clean.

So, if you want to try the dermaplaning experience, rest assured, you won't risk ending up blown!

Dermaplaning: a double-edged sword

On the other hand, this technique really divides two categories of people, who each have their opinion well decided on the question.

Battery side

On the one hand, some praise dermaplaning, ensuring that it is:

  • exfoliating, since it removes all dead skin with the down, which activates cell renewal;
  • anti-ageing, because it "shines" your face so well that it reveals a radiant complexion, naturally and tight skin;
  • healing (less noticeable acne scars).
Those fondest of this technique even ensure that their skin can better absorb their moisturizers while having skin clean of any debris.

As you can see, by itself, this unusual beauty routine brings together several skin care products in one!

Face side

On the dark side of dermaplaning, some do not recommend shaving your face at all, under the threat of heavy penalties.

According to them, you risk weakening your skin. And when you know the important role played by this unsightly down ( 1 ), you might think twice before trying this treatment.

Indeed, these small very fine hairs protect you against:

  1. Pollution ;
  2. bacteria ;
  3. Pollution ;
  4. etc.

Thus, you will be able to see lovely buttons appear on your face!

In addition, you will be disappointed with its anti-ageing effect.

Be aware that, if men seem to have younger skin, it is simply because:

  • the thickness of their epidermis is greater than that of women (by about 25%);
  • they produce more sebum, natural oil that keeps the skin well hydrated and plumper;
  • they have a higher amount of collagen, which is why women age faster than them - there is no justice!
Finally, dermaplaning and its scalpel, which shaves the skin, can cause ingrown hairs to form in some people.

How does a dermaplaning session take place?

Concretely, the principle of dermaplaning is the same as that of a lambda shave, except in the instrument.

A technique practised with a scalpel

In the case of this method, a professional will shave your skin using a surgical scalpel, to remove all the dead cells, hair and other dirt that has taken up residence on the surface of your skin. epidermis.

Note that this technique must be performed by a certified practitioner, and preferably with experience in this field. You can turn to:

  1. a plastic surgeon;
  2. a beautician ;
  3. a dermatologist.

The preparation

Before you get a clean shave, you should prepare your skin using a gentle cleanser enriched with alpha acids all over your face.

This treatment will help detach the dead cells from the epidermis.

Then your face should be dry well before proceeding to the procedure.

The procedure

During the treatment, the professional uses a sterilized 10 gauge scalpel, which he holds at a 45 ° angle to your skin.

Before using the blade, he first pulls the skin, then he performs small movements against the grain, for about forty minutes.

After the procedure is complete, you will need to apply a good moisturizer to your face.

Hyaluronic acid

Do you want to boost the effects of this method? After your dermaplaning session, you can apply a hyaluronic acid-based mask, for a guaranteed new skin effect!

The final word

You now know more about dermaplaning, when the fluff needs to disappear, and I hope I have given you all the essential information to know before you start.

Moreover, when you come out of your session, arm yourself with good sunscreen, even in winter!

Indeed, it will be a shield for your new cells against UV rays and other external aggressions.

Finally, allow several weeks to pass between each session (even if two are the minimum required). Because, if it is a treatment that has benefits for the skin, it can quickly become abrasive if it is practised too often.


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