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Mask for dry hair: the best homemade recipes

  When you have damaged hair, it is important to pamper it by leaving a repairing mask with nourishing and moisturizing properties.

Mask for dry hair:

And what could be nicer than making your own hair mask with natural products? Indeed, today there are many homemade mask recipes, and for all hair types.

It's also a fun, easy, and not very time-consuming way to use products from your kitchen or bathroom. Here are some recipes for hair masks to have beautiful hair, radiant with health.

Homemade Hair Care Recipes

  1. I offer you simple masks below, and with inexpensive ingredients.
  2. Dry hair has a strong need for hydration, so we must select the ingredients that hold water molecules to find shiny hair.
  3. My advice: leave your mask on for at least an hour, ideally protecting your hair with a charlotte (or a scarf if you don't have one).

The moisturizing honey mask

  • If you have dull hair and want to give it hydration and light, this honey mask is for you.
  • Indeed, honey is a humectant, that is to say, it will attract water molecules in the hair fibre. It also helps lighten the hair very slightly.
  • Good to know: dark honey lightens hair more than light honey.

Recipe :
  1. All you have to do is mix a few tablespoons of honey in a bowl and dilute them with a little lukewarm water. The goal is to obtain a  more fluid and less sticky texture to facilitate the application.
  2. Once the shampoo is done, just wring out your hair as much as possible then apply the honey from roots to ends. You can leave it on for up to several hours without worry.
  3. Then, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. The honey makes the hair soft and bright hair!

The marshmallow powder mask

This mask should be left on before shampooing, as long as possible, to hydrate the hair as much as possible.

The marshmallow powder is rich in mucilage, and will therefore take a gelled texture when in contact with water. In addition to sheathing the hair, it will soothe the scalp and bring shine to the hair.

Adding the vegetable oil of your choice will provide nutrition to the hair. Go for what you have at home. The most suitable oils for dry hair are argan oil, olive oil, or avocado oil.

Castor oil added in hair care will help accelerate hair growth.

Recipe :
  1. In a bowl, mix two tablespoons of marshmallow powder with a teaspoon of argan oil, a spoon of castor oil, a spoon of aloe vera, a pinch of shea butter and a few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil.
  2. Once the paste is homogeneous, apply it from root to tip for at least an hour, then proceed with your usual hair routine.

The simplest recipe: aloe vera gel

This is almost not a recipe, since the only ingredient to use is aloe vera gel. Very moisturizing and natural, it strengthens the hair fibre, protects it from external aggressions, and soothes an oily or irritated scalp.

You can apply it after shampooing, on towel-dried hair, leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it. For afro hair or brittle hair, you can also try to let your hair dry without rinsing the aloe vera gel. They will then imbibe it.

Finally, daily, it is possible to apply aloe vera gel in small touches on the lengths to keep the hair shiny.

The shea butter mask

  • This thicker and very nourishing mask is more suitable for very dry hair or frizzy and afro hair.
  • Shea butter has a nourishing texture that will also provide hydration to the hair fibre. By adding castor oils - which accelerates hair growth - and very nourishing coconut oil, your hair will be bursting with vitality and shine.

Recipe :
  1. Mix a tablespoon of melting shea butter (therefore previously heated if necessary), with a tablespoon of coconut oil and castor oil. You can add a teaspoon of aloe vera or honey.
  2. Once the texture is homogeneous, apply the mask to dry hair, from roots to ends. For maximum efficiency, you can wrap your hair in plastic wrap. Then rinse off and continue with your usual skincare routine.

The best masks for dry hair: the last word

  • There are as many mask recipes for dry hair as there are natural moisturizing ingredients.

  • Have fun testing, trying, playing with textures… Little by little you will find the ingredients that suit you best and you can alternate. Soon, linseed gel, aloe vera, and vegetable oils will hold no secrets for you!
What's your favourite DIY mask recipe for dry hair?


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