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The Best 3 Lower & Upper Trap Exercises To Follow

The traps are a crucial part of the body and they often get overlooked during fitness. The traps are an important muscle group that can be used to help with bracing, leaning, and getting your head up in any activity. They are also very effective in increasing your posture at the same time. A lot of people neglect these muscles because they don’t know what exercises to do or how to properly use them. Here are some exercises you should consider doing to work out your upper and lower trap muscles.

Upper Trap Exercises To Follow

Lower Trap Exercises 

  • Walking lunges 
  • Cable press-outs 
  • Leg raises 
  • Bent over dumbbell flys 
  • Overhead tricep extensions 
  • Standing cable push-downs

Upper Trap Exercises

1. Straight Arm Raise

One of the best exercises to target your upper trap muscles is a straight arm raise. This exercise is often done with the arms held at your sides or overhead, but you can also do it in a bent position by sitting on an incline bench. Simply raise your arm up as high as you can without bending your elbows and then lower back down slowly. By doing this motion, you’ll be working on the upper trapezius muscle which will help improve your bracing while sports activities like tennis, volleyball, and golf.

2. Neck Flexion

If you want to get a great workout for your upper traps, try neck flexion exercises with weight holding plates at either end of the bench. This exercise will work both the sternocleidomastoid and scalenus muscles which are directly related to the upper traps. To perform this exercise properly, raise one hand off the ground and hold it behind your head with all of your fingers pointed toward each other so that they touch together (like praying). Bend over so that only your free hand is touching the floor and use that hand to pull yourself back up onto the bench (don't worry about not using enough weight yet). Perform 10 reps per side before switching hands and repeating 10 reps on the opposite side.

3. Shoulder Shrugs

Another common exercise for targeting the upper traps is shoulder shrugs which work out both front deltoids and trapezius muscles at

The lower trap is the muscle that lies below your ear. It's essential for good posture, so make sure you exercise it regularly.

The upper trap is the muscle that lies in front of your ear. By strengthening it, you'll be able to keep your head up and avoid neck strain. In addition, you'll feel less strain when going through your day because you won't have to work as hard to hold your head up.


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